Digital Support Agent FAQ’s

What is a Digital Support Agent?

Digital Support Agents are scholars (Grades 10 – 12), Varsity students and Unemployed Youth who receives FREE training on the platform called Opulence, and receives the needed skills to design Websites on Opulence. Further to this, Digital Support Agents will be trained on various other systems to further increase their earning potential with

How do I become a Digital Support Agent?

Visit and select the Brand Ambassador plan. After signing up, you will be required to undergo online training as well as to go through a sign off process to ensure the quality of service seeks to provide all clients. Not to worry, you will always have access to videos on all functionality of our platform, showing you step by step how to complete the action.

What do I need to get started?

Having a PC or laptop as well as an internet would be beneficial, however, isn’t a necessity. If you have access to this through other means such as libraries, free workspaces, etc, then you have all you’ll need. All our systems are cloud-based, and therefore accessible to you anywhere in the world.

Do I need any qualifications?

No, you don’t need any qualification. Experience in using the WordPress platform would be advantageous, but not a requirement. You only need to be of legal working age and have access to a PC or Laptop, as well as internet.

How do I earn an income?

Digital Support Agents earn in two ways at based on once off income as well as monthly income

  • Opulence (websites)

When clients pay their once off costs for setup and configuration of R450, the Digital Support Agent earns R100. From the R162 monthly subscription the Client pays, the Digital Support Agent receives R100 per Client per month, for as long as the Client remains an active, paying Client.

  • Opulence Voip (BUSINESS LANDLINE)

Where the Client pays R249 per month for the use of the Opulence Voip, you will receive a further R40 per Client per month, for as long as the Client remains an active, paying Client.

Where do I get my clients from?

Clients will be attained in two ways. You are permitted to attract your own Clients through your own efforts such as one on one meetings, social media, word of mouth, etc. Further to this, Digital Support Agents will be allocated Clients as these Clients approach the business directly. Lastly, the Company strives to grow the business nationally and internationally, and will therefore seek additional ways to attract and retain large numbers of Clients, and allocate these to Digital Support Agents to provide the required services.

What if my client doesn’t pay the monthly fees?

In this case, the Client’s services (emails as well as Website) will be suspended until such time payment is made. The Digital Support Agent only receives the payment for the Client, once the monthly fees reflect in the Bank Account. Should the Client’s account be deactivated either due to non-payment or by Client request, the Digital Support Agent would no longer be entitled to any payment for the build of the website.

Can clients request services from another Digital Support Agent?

It depends. If the Client isn’t entirely happy with your services, they may, after 3 failed attempts to provide quality service, request to be allocated to a different Brand Ambassador for the remainder of their lifespan with However, the Client cannot request individual services to be completed by another, or various other Digital Support agents.

How do I communicate with the clients?

All communication with the Client will be through the Opulence Manager tool, making all interactions streamlined and accessible by Head Office at any point in time. Should a Digital Support Agent no longer wish to provide services to Clients, all history regarding the Client can be transferred to another Digital Support Agent as a handover to continue the business relationship.